App Monetization Should Be Treated Like a Journey

Let me guess!! You came through this post while searching How to monetize your app??  or What is the best ad network for app monetization?? or some more searches in the same context. Then you are at the right place. 

Let me simplify the findings by explaining what is going on in the current mobile market. This assumptions are purely based on personal experiences which I would briefly explain on certain terms which were my base parameters while selecting the ad network for my own apps

Why app monetization should be treated like a journey ??

 There are several ad networks out in the market with various features which are leading us into a big dilemma while choosing a ad network that usually should perform great( great eCPM, great Fill Rate)  etc. But, there is yet another problem. Almost all the ad networks are disguising themselves with great offers like giving a bigger eCMP, Fill Rates etc. Unfortunately, none of them are so great to keep their words and provide us a consistent performance. I know this hurts so much. But, nothing to worry about these because 

"Success is not about one day job.. It's a journey.."

 Another good news is there are still good ad networks to provide a very healthy income for mobile developers provided they perform only in certain Scenarios or you can say depends upon some criteria.

 What Ad Networks are good or bad are totally based upon the types of your app. The category or the group of audience your app serves. Again, a very good findings already been published in the favor of all the app publishers like us here. You should give it a look to get most out of it.

 When I started finding a great mobile ad network for my app I started with AdMob. Initially the eCPM went very high like $5-$6 with in 2-4 weeks. Afterwards it started decreasing gradually and fell down until $0.01. A big reason to worry. Immediately I started searching "How to increase the eCPM in Admob". Unfortunately, there is nothing in the net( What a Crap!!). But, when I went through the performance graph. I found like earlier

1. There were very less ad requests(less than 300).  
2. CTR(Click Through Rate) was too high(more than 10%) and was increasing slowly. 
3. Most Importantly I had not configured refresh rate(No Refresh at all in the ad). 

But, the moment I configured all these with increasing number of user base the fill rate became (95-100%)   and CTR  below 1%. This is what CTR all about that is making the prices a real dance. 

Comaring AdMob with MobClix, InMobi

 MobClix will not serve the purpose anyway. The reason is in the beginning you might see a great eCPM but later it will become the worst you have ever imagined (can lead eCPM to 0.0) and the fill rate is a JOKE(depends upon the region and can lead upto 1%). 

 InMobi is doing good and can give you a mix type of income with large user base(fill rate would be near about 75%-95%). Again don't forget to get through my previous link about types of ad networks. 

I will recommend to go for AdMob for a consistent payouts and a very good performance when you will reach near about 60,000+ daily impressions with a good CTR about 2.5% + . Your eCPM would be $2+. (for me it is more than $1+) which is also varying due to the mix of audience from different regions.

Most importantly initially you might not get a good eCPM for AdMob but it will increase slowly. Make sure you are continuously giving effort to increase CTR with a refresh rate around 45-60 sec with more and more user engagement.

 What about StartApp??

 The user base for my app Ultra Stocks PRO Free is increasing gradually although many apps out their still serving the same needs. When I went on a research, my findings were very interesting that I really wanted to share with everybody. 

Most importantly my philosophy behind ad based monetization  was not to divert the user from his work at any cost. Rather, I went for a smooth transition by adding banner ads at the bottom so that will not create any distraction to my loyal users. By which they love to use my app for several times in a day. As this app is completely targeting Share Market stuffs with an ease of usage and packed with loads of features, it helps me getting more and more ad impressions increasingly.

I have chosen StartApp for my next app update due to it's ExitAd that really comes with a great app monetization strategy and highly profitable for all the publishers as it's eCMP is really promising and highly consistent and still growing. I have seen and went though many fellow blogs that can give you an idea what is it all about

ExitAd is the best solution from StartApp.

As per the statistics StartApp earning is by far the best. The ExitAd is showed up only when user exits the app. So, it is again giving my app users a very consistent experience with out interrupting their operations.

Why I don't like search ad option from StartApp?

My biggest concern is not to distract users from their work and even not to let StartApp spread or spread junk over my user home, bookmarks etc in my name. May be I will get good money but will not help in the long run!! 

Be sure about the impact using search from StartApp.

What about earning $25 so easily?

 You can earn $25 with only 100 app installs as bonus by signing up with my referral link here which will also help me to earn $10 mutually.

The mobile ad monetization market is very fragile and still evolving rapidly with different innovative monetization opportunities. We must not stop our hunts for the best suitable monetization platform for our apps. Always keep an eye for greater opportunities like StartApp, AdMob over the time for not to be left behind.

I will come up with much more statistics and try to elaborate the effects over different factors with practical enumerations. I will really appreciate if you can share your experience/critics about StartApp, Admob, InMobi and any other great ad network that may be helping you to establish a good source of income. 

 Happy Journey..


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