Thursday, 1 August 2013

Revert Gmail New Inbox to Older Inbox in Seconds!

How to revert new Gmail Inbox to normal ?

 You can revert the whole new Gmail Inbox to a normal non categorized inbox in seconds. Yah, You heard it correct!!
 Follow the below Steps and you are done!

You just have to move your cursor near inbox as above. You will be able to see an arrow button pinned down just appeared. Click it and the selection dialog will pop up. Select any other Inbox Type other than default and you are done.

Thank You.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

How to get new Gmail Inbox

Wow!! the new GMail inbox is so nice. It helps everybody by self organizing the mails according to categories. Especially with guys having Facebook, Twitter like social mails bugging their inbox with bunch of notifications. Earlier I was suffering due to thousands of promotional mails taking all over my inbox.

I am a techie with loads of work which kills my 90% of time in front of PC. Well, I get paid well but this does not serves my need. Communicating via mails for work and have important mails organized was a heck. It takes me lot of time to check mails from several clients.

  1. How did Gmail solve my problem?
          Recently google has updated their gmail inbox with the most significant changes "A self organized  category". Defaults are Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, Forums.

But, most of the users like me are not able to get an update  automatically. Then probably you might be thinking, why am I talking about it??

     2.  How did I enable the new Gmail?
         Well, to get the new Inbox goto Settings from your gmail account. Then select Configure Inbox.You  should be watching a dialog with category selections. Select your required category and You are done!

For more details you can always check this official note.